Thursday, December 15, 2005


I found myself in the odd position of being completely cashed out or busted out of every poker room I am a member which I am a member. Whatever. A preposition is a horrible word to end a sentence with. Winston Churchill said that. He's a laugh riot, that Winston.

Anyway, the only obvious reload bonus I had was Party Poker's 20% 10x bonus for "certain" players. I read the terms and found I had to play the hands by Jan 2nd or something so I would miss most of that time when I head for Jacksonville for Christmas with the wife's family. I might get to play there as one of my assigned tasks is to set up a wireless network for the father-in-law. He's an old phone company guy so he's been holding out for years and years for DSL, even though cable modems have been offered forever. But the phone company finally got their shit together and he is now a broadband user. My mother-in-law has a laptop and would LOVE to be able to wander, so my Xmas gift to them is a wireless network, among other things.

So I might be able to complete some hands over the holiday, but I can't count on that so I kept the deposit to a reasonable $250, leaving me 500 raked hands to complete.

I got a good start on the requirement last night, playing 125 hands of PLO. Wow, the PLO players at Party Poker are horrible. PLO is kind of pick-and-choose at most poker sites, with one or two tables at each level available, if that. Party Poker is the behemoth of fishy goodness. Dozens and dozens of tables at every level, and each one of them with it's designated moron who raises EVERY.SINGLE.HAND the pot limit. You just wait for a hand, nail him to the wall, watch him rebuy, and repeat. I haven't played on party poker in a while, but my fish finder (buddy list) is still humming. It astounds me how these players spew money like it's on fire for months and months, but never get any better. Seems like a logical impossibility that they haven't either gone totally broke or improved their game.

I took my PLO winnings to the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, and scored on some incredibly lucky QQ holding up in spite of an AK flop with 5 other players. Of course that same luck worked against me when my pair of aces beat JJ but lost to a flush on the river. Go ahead, call the cap with can't even win the jackpot with that hand, you donktard!

I basically spent the night enjoying the differences that Party Poker has to offer that no other place does. More table selection, more fishies, more options. I've kind of missed that in some of the smaller rooms I've been playing lately.


GaryC said...

That "wouldn't even win the bad beat jackpot" hand is exactly why those tables are a gold mine. I very seldom play anything that would "not" qualify for the jackpot, were things to break wrong.

Just like Omaha, wait for that big hand and bust that ass. There are some really bad players there, I may or may not be one of them.


Drizztdj said...

I still can't stand the way their software locks up my PC.

Granted I could be making loads of money playing MUCH softer players at Party, its just not worth it for my one/two hours a night playing.

Wes said...

Even the non-bad beat jackpot tables are a goldmine on Party. The last session I had, I had KK and 7 people went to the flop, even though it was capped preflop. A monkey crushed my KK with 42s at a 5/10 table. WEEEEEEE.

Meek said...

"call the cap with can't even win the jackpot with that hand"

Long long shot, but possible. I've hit a royal flush with a similar hand - 6To - from the big blind with no one raising.

I need to get in on this Omaha hi/lo pot limit. Do you recommend any books?

DuggleBogey said...

The only Omaha book I read was Super System, but I'm sure there's better out there.

A royal wouldn't qualify for the bad beat jackpot because you have to use both hole cards. And I think for four of a kind you're required to be holding a pair.

Meek said...

d'oh. true enough.