Friday, December 16, 2005

Off to the races

When the Oklahoma voters legalized poker and blackjack for indian casinos in November '04, the referendum also allowed the Racetracks to have some casino style gambling on their premises. So yesterday I scoped out the newly opened Remington Park Racetrack and Casino in Oklahoma City. The Casino is newly opened, the Racetrack as been there for a while.

Calling it a Casino is a bit of a stretch. It reminded me of the indian casinos before the legalized poker and blackjack. Nothing but slot machines, as far as the eye could see. They did have a small alley of machines called "Poker Alley" with some decent video poker games. Simulcast horse betting was available all over the place too, which is what makes this scheme particularly ingenious. Anyone that's been to the horse races or even an Off Track Betting site knows that the worst part is waiting for post time. It's just so damn boring. What's the best thing to do when you are bored? Feed those slot machines!

I registered for a slot club card, since I suddenly thought I was Grubby. You could accumulate points with slot and video poker play, and use those for valuable T-shirts and coffee mugs. 200 points could be exchanged for $5 off a buffet. They offered me $3 off the $8.95 buffet just for signing up, but I refused. They said I could ask any time and get my discount.

There were only two multi-hand poker machines and one multi-strike poker machine in the entire building, and the people at those games weren't budging. I played some "Hexbreaker" which is my favorite slot machine because everything about it is unlucky. You win by getting broken mirrors, spilled salt or black cats crossing your path. Walking under ladders and stepping on a crack are winners too. Even the max bet is 13 coins. THAT'S commitment to a theme. I got up about $20 and decided I was "unlucky" enough for then.

I was only there about 20 minutes, earned a total of ZERO points on my players club card, and took off. There needs to be some serious legislation changes before I go back, unless I am just after the buffet discount.

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chipper said...

It was just a year ago that Colorado tried to expand it's dog and horse track operations to include limited gambling but the voters struck that down overwhelmingly. We have our 3 mountain town casinos and a couple of Indian casinos but the max bet you can make is $5. At least we have Texas Holdem rooms in the casinos now but only at $2-5 stakes.

Just a matter of time before the online stuff is given the blessing and we can all play legitimately in the states.