Monday, December 12, 2005


Sorry for neglecting this blog since last Wednesday. Thursday I headed up through the snow and the cold to Kansas City to beg for a job. There was no job to be had yet, but some very well intentioned high hopes. Things look very good, but dammit I want a commitment! Until then, I guess I need to keep my options open.

The Casino in Kansas City was a blast, because we had a little group at the poker tables, which is always fun. (Note: Intense jealousy towards all Vegas Bloger Attendees.) I finished a WHOPPING $9 up, while a friend, on his VERY FIRST LIVE POKER EXPERIENCE, finished up $270. Begginers luck seems to be very important in cups. I eventually started to stay out of any hand he decided to chainsaw his way through. Especially after he caught his gutshot on the river against my Queens and Jacks two pair.

My beats were not nearly as bad as KingLucky's, however. In one hand he has AK vs QQ and flops a king. Runner-runner queens slaughter him. On the very next hand he gets all in with K9 vs the same guy, but this time with AA. The money went in after a flop of K9 gives KingLucky the lead. Runner runner QQ AGAIN counterfeits him and gives his opponent the rest of his stack. Ouch.

I, of course, managed to stay even by fleecing the retards. On a kill pot I call with 33, only to have the "play any two" donkey after me raise. I call with half a dozen others, and flop my set of threes. I slow play the flop, calling the automatic $6 from the donkey. He bets the $12 on the turn and I check-raise him to $24. He calls and then calls my river bet. I show my set of threes, and he tries to muck, but accidentally flips AK unimproved. Unfortunately he announced that "the tide had turned" and left the table after other players "start getting lucky" against him. Wasn't I ahead the whole time? Oh I get it, when other players get better cards occasionally, they are "getting lucky."

Vegas Poker Pro

I want to thank the folks who did promotions through Vegas Poker Pro using my referral ID. I think I have credited you all with your $25 share of the referral, but if I missed anyone, please contact me via email. I know I took down the VPP banner, but anyone who clicked on in previously but haven't signed up yet will still get the $25 if they complete a promotion. If anyone else wants to I suggest using GaryC. He'll take care of you.

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