Monday, December 19, 2005

Why play poker?

I'm having trouble playing online poker. It's a motivation issue.

I started playing poker because it was "fun." Poker really isn't fun anymore. Unless folding 30 hands in a row is "fun."

It's a struggle. Fold, fold, fold, fold, this is fun? Bet, everyone folds, fold, fold, fold....repeat. I alleviate the problem by playing Omaha, but it's still pretty much fold, fold, fold.

You can't be a good player unless you have patience. If you try to force things to happen, you only force BAD things to happen.

You can play more hands if you play limit. So I switch to limit. If you are playing limit just so you can play more hands, you are going to lose. Limit and No Limit aren't THAT different.

I don't have a problem being patient when I am working on a bonus. Deep down I know that even when I am folding, I am winning, so folding suddenly becomes FUN!

So the solution to my problem is RAKEBACK. I don't have a lot of possibilities for rakeback anymore, since I have accounts at most card rooms already. But there is one that I've been holding in reserver, just in case I needed a rakeback outlet.

Ultimate Bet. I hear good things. There's even a freeroll for PSO customers coming up in January that I would be eligible for if I sign up through

I know there's some Ultimate Bet lovers out there, even some who read this blog. If someone can give me a pros/cons comment, I'd really appreciate it.


actyper said...

UB is my Rakeback site through PSO.
I like it there, good mixture of good and bad players. If you have a good eye in differentiating between the two then you'll do good. Bonuses clear along with your rakeback, so thats a plus. Another plus is that their bonuses never expire, so everytime they have a reload just dump more $ in there. The only con is that tourney fees aren't rakebackable. UB has probably the best assortment of tourneys available.

GaryC said...

I am admittedly biased as it was my first site to ever play on, but I love everything about UB. Their tourney set up is great, SNG's are great and plenty of cash game variety. Crazy Pineapple anyone?

I like their software also and once you get used to sitting at the same place on the round tables, it's a damn nice site to play at. Plenty of traffic also.

I wish I could get a rakeback deal there, but since I've been on there the longest, I guess that won't happen.


Drizztdj said...

One thing about UB, you can play there while clearing a bonus almost all the time and the bonus dollars never expire.

One pro for the actual site is the speed of the games, no other site has a faster deal.

TripJax said...

I pretty much have to agree with Gary...I will add that the players are pretty aggressive and bet the pot much more than other sites since they offer a bet pot button.

I really like that they have a fold and show button as well. I rarely if ever use it, but it is cool that they offer it cause so many people show you there hands when they decide to fold.

I would highly recommend UB...

Joe said...

Hey Rude, Joe here.

I play UB very frequently, and I do agree with what everyone has said so far.

A few things to consider:

1. UB's tournament blind structure is the most conducive to skill, as the blinds go up every 12 minutes and don't double every time they go up.

2. On the flip side, the tournament selection itself is a bit thin. I would say that almost half of the tournaments now are turbos, with the blinds going up every 5 minutes. Turns into a crapshoot after the first hour - hour and a half.

3. UB's customer support is a bit lacking, but all the fees associated with depositing and withdrawing are handled by UB.

Hope this helps, if you get a chance, check out I just recently wrote an article on patience as well, and I feel your pain on the subject. It's most definitely my number 1 problem right now.

Best of Luck


Veneno said...

I have a suggestion. You want some real fun? Lots of action. Play Heads Up with

Anyway, now I can't stay mad at you anymore. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

And look me up..if you wanna have fun..

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MVilla888 said...

UB rocks...I try a bunch of the others and always come back to UB. CS has always been very good to me...lots of games and spreads. Tourneys all the time. Best site in my opinion.

If interested, I can refer you so you get a better bonus on your first deposit...just LMK if interested.

Guin said...

I started playing online at UB and their mini view is the best around.

I also need a rakeback site but still working through a lot of the easier bonuses that are offered through PSO.

Good blog... once I get mine running a bit better I will add a link to your blog from it.

The trick for patience is more tables. I find that with 3+ running (and PT doing most of the work) I can narrow down the feel of folding and not playing many hands. How tight are you playing? I am a 21% vpip type player.