Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Please Please PLEASE!

Please don't try to do the Free Money at Titan Poker or Free Money at Party Poker promotions if you already had an account at those rooms before or you're not at least 21. All it does is create a hassle for Poker Source Online and a hassle for you to as you won't get the free money. Plus it makes it harder on everyone else who is legitimately trying to get the deal.

Some commenters are posting that half or more of their referrals are fraudulent. I don't want to be the guy that directed all these people to PSO who are trying to commit fraud. I just want to pass on a great deal to some people who might be able to take advantage.

To those of you who have gotten the money legitimately, thanks for signing up! I know it's hard to get to the cashout point at Titan Poker, because you have to play a LOT of hands. The Party Poker one is certianly eaiser, but I know almost everyone has Party Poker accounts already, myself included.


TripJax said...

To all, it can be done. I'm halfway through the hand requirements and have nearly tripled up. I'm hoping for at least breakeven poker at this point so I can take home the bacon.

Elvis Henry said...

PSO denied me the opportunity without any explanation. Just a denial email. I don't know what the mix up was, but it was later straightened out and I will have my $50 tomorrow on the Titan deal. It is a legit deal -- they're not out to screw anybody -- but the process is a tad flawed and you have to deal with that. Thanks again, goberude.

dlk9s said...

There are a few growing pains right now with the Titan IB promo. For instance, the original idea was to deposit money in people's accounts during the call, like with Party. But we have to chat online with a Titan rep to have them make the deposit, and sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes. So now, we just submit them in batches throughout the day.

Plus, they don't really give us much , if any, info when someone is denied. If I am able to get info out of a rep, I note it in the account so the customer can get an answer if he/she asks.

The denial e-mails are standard e-mails because it would take a TON of extra time throughout the day if each one was personalized. Most of the denials never even inquire because they know they were scamming. Bastards.

In time, the Titan IB will get smoothed out.

It is definitely going to be tough to get the 6,000 stars, no doubt about it - I just finished the 3,500 for the regular promo. I play pansy stakes, so it was tough going for a while until I moved up in limits.

I think the key to the Titan IB is to hopefully build the bankroll early and then move up in limits to earn stars quicker. As soon as you can get away from those 1 star raked hands, the better you'll be. .5/1 NL and 1/2 limit are pretty decent levels. What's nice is that Titan issues stars for tournaments, so if you're good at S&G's, that might be a good way to start.

dlk9s said...

By the way, tripjax, you don't need to finish the requirements within 30 days to cashout, just to get the extra $25. So, having tripled up, you're in solid shape. The extra $25 isn't even that big an issue for you at this point.

I struggled early on at Titan, found myself down $70, and that's playing .5/1 limit and $5 S&G's. But I am now up $80. Part of that was because I won half of the high hand jackpot over Thanksgiving weekend when I hit a K-high straight flush, but the rest is because I all of sudden improved my limit play and moved to 1/2.

Overall, the competition is pretty soft at Titan. It's nice to see their traffic picking up, too. I think the PSO effect is on.

TripJax said...


thanks for the info. i unfortunately donked off about $50 last night in two really tough sessions where my big hands got beat and my huge draws never hit. oh well. i'm still at about $100 so I'm not too worried. thanks again. i'm still gonna try to complete within 30 days to see if it is possible. it is tough having job, wife, kid, baby, etc...but we'll see.

duggle, apologies for using your comments as a forum!

DuggleBogey said...

No problem, that's what I'm here for.

Actually Dlk's comments are so informative, I may have to make a post out of it so more people might see it.

Elvis Henry said...

At the rate I am playing -- about one hour a day at the .10/.20 NL tables, it will take me 214 days to clear 6000 Titan Stars. And there is no way to check the status of your bonus online. It is without a doubt the most difficult bonus I have ever come across. Caveat emptor.