Monday, January 29, 2007

Absolute Poker Info

My biggest concern lately with all the Neteller business is that it's starting to seem impossible to withdraw your money from a poker site without a fee, if at all. There's always ways to deposit, pre-paid credit cards and ePassporte both cost about the same, but you cannot withdraw via those methods.

Absolute Poker used to charge a fee for paper checks (like just about all other sites) but recently sent out this:

AbsolutePoker is pleased to offer free check withdrawals using regular mail for a limited time. Due to new policies from certain processors, no other withdrawal methods are currently available, unless you have an account with Click2Pay (not allowing new U.S. signups), InstaDebit (only available to U.S. customers until Feb.1, 2007 for withdrawals) or ePassporte. Currently, the best way for players to withdrawal is via paper check or by opening up an account with ePassporte.
If you haven't signed up at Absolute Poker you can try the $100 Free Cash promotion from Poker Source Online and give them a try.


Anonymous said...

"ePassporte both cost about the same, but you cannot withdraw via those methods."

I've used Epassporte exclusively for the past year. They charge a $2 fixed fee to withdraw to your bank account, and a $2 fixed fee to deposit.

But I don't even do that -- I withdraw from the poker site to Epassporte, and then I take the cash out of an ATM machine with the Epassporte Visa card.

DuggleBogey said...

Good Info, thanks.

I haven't looked into ePassporte much, it sounds like it may be the way to go.