Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mookie Fun

I signed up for the Mookie at the last minute yesterday evening. I've been getting up for work at 4:30am lately and playing some of these blogger tourneys can make it very difficult to pry my ass out of bed that early.

But the lure of the Mookie is just too great, so I signed in and decided to go headlong into the weak/tight bloggers out there. I figured I would sling a lot of chips, make a lot of plays, and eventually bust out to the guy who caught some cards against me.

Of course that's not how it worked out as I held on for fourth place and didn't get to bed until after midnight.

The aggro style really does pay off in blogger tourneys. It didn't hurt that when I raised in position I caught a lot of cards, but I doubled my chipstack in the first half hour to get into second place without getting to A SINGLE SHOWDOWN. I figure I got lucky that my table was missing everything and they were a pretty weak/tight group.

Of course that didn't last as I ran into JJ who wasn't going to put up with my shenanigans. I tried playing 69 sooooted into him two hands in a row (hey if it doesn't work the first time it HAS to work the second time, right?) but both times he played back at my whiffs. The first flop was a VERY scary AKT and he called my 3/4 continuation bet. If you're calling a raiser and a flop bet with that kind of scary board, you must have something pretty substantial. Or you think I'm totally full of shit, which I was. The second 69s landed a very non-threatening Ten-high flop, but he still wouldn't lay down his hand, and I didn't have the chips to make him fold, because of his ever increasing (thanks to me) stack.

Those plays crippled me but I did not despair, because that just meant I would get to bed at a reasonable hour. I pushed my Q4o into the BB who called with a pair but a four on the flop and a queen on the turn kept me alive and thrust me back into the middle of the pack. I finally exacted my revenge on JJ when we got moved to another table right next to each other, and he pushed his SB with TJ and I woke up with TT and he didn't hit one of his three outs. It really was fun mixing it up with Jacks all night.

Some chips to work with again and I resumed the barely-checked aggression that worked for me earlier. It didn't work again, but the roller-coaster ride was fun. Eventually I found myself at the final table with the chip lead on the second break. Jordan had just paid the big blind, putting me ahead of him by 19 chips.

KrazyBangs went out on the bubble with a brutal suckout, his set on the flop vs. an overpair that four flushed. Brootal. Jordan somehow went from first to worst to get knocked out in seventh place, and the ever-retarded DontKnow finally called with ace-high no draw like he often does, but this time he didn't catch and got knocked out sixth.

I felt like I was letting my blinds go too easy and wasn't taking enough of them myself. Feeling like a target I took a stand with A6s but got insta-called by ATo from the UTG player, Zeem. The first card I saw on the flop was a six, but unfortunately the last one was a ten. No more miracles for me and I went out fourth.


jjok said...

Lots of fun last night man.....lots

congrats on 4th.

Donkeypuncher said...

Good playing with ya Duggles.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the report. Best wishes in 2007.

mookie99 said...

Very nice run last night...congrats.

dlk9s said...

What happened to not playing at Full Tilt anymore?

DuggleBogey said...

Well, I can't deposit, withdrawl or play ring games yet, so I'm BARELY playing at Full Tilt anymore.

And I'll never keep a significant amount of money on there. Maybe just enough to play around with the bloggers.