Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Lucky Mookie

I donked my way to 5th place and $44 in the Mookie last night, which attracted a Fuelish 55 players... As usual I caught some lucky cards at some lucky times, and when I had a big stack I was able to brute force my way to the final table.

I got the lead on a very fishy play that I'm still on the fence about. I'm not looking at the hand history so I'm doing this from memory.

Blinds were 100/200 and I was second in chips for the tournament with around 20 or so players left. I raised to 600 in middle position with TJ sooooted. A later player (I think it was TripJax, who kindly welcomed me to the table and I repaid him by taking pretty much every last chip he had) went all in for about 1700 and the player immediately after him insta-called for his whole stack, in the neighborhood of 1200. The blinds folded to me.

I think I had around 6-7K in chips, the pot was around 3900 and I had to call another 1100 chips. When the first player went all in I was leaning towards folding the hand, but the extra money in the pot made me stop and think. Both players were short enough to be on the desperate side. Is it worth it to call 1100 chips for a chance at 5K and a pretty substantial chip lead?

I think the deciding factor was that losing 1100 chips, while representing about 15% of my stack, would not have hurt too much.

If it were Waffles in the situation, the players would have had AA and KK. But my donkey luck in blogger tourneys held and both players had AK. A jack flopped and I was helped by the fact that they held each others outs.

Maybe I had odds to call, maybe I made the right reads based on their previous play and stack sizes. Or maybe I'm just a lucky donkey.


Sometimes plays that look like donkey plays are actually plays at a level that are so far above me that they look like poor plays to me. Sometimes when I think a player is a donk, the donk is actually me.

But I know for SURE that it's a donkey play to call someone a donk at the table.


Update: You might be thinking 5th place isn't too bad out of 55 players....that's what I was thinking until I read the live blog:

11:05 … Second break and the chips counts of the survivors look like this:

1. DubbleBogey - 18,048
2. Lightening36 - 8,775
3. mclarich - 7,496
4. NumbBono - 7,320
5. BrainMc - 6,456
6. GCox25 - 6,140
7. Maudie - 6,058
8. photojenn - 6,040
9. dnasty13 - 3,860
10. Otisdart - 3,606
11. HighOnPoker - 3,148
12. weak_player - 2,778
13. Don Morris - 2,775

All of a sudden 5th place doesn't seem so good. Seems like a retard blew a big lead with 13 to go.


BrainMc said...

It's also a bad idea to type "Queens suck" after seeing them sucked out on and then having your own crushed. I did this and was soon rewarded with back to back beat downs by variations of the bitches.

TripJax said...

I make the same play you did if I'm in your position.

As for my hand, I forgot that you had raised to 600, but I'm pushing there whether it had been a limp to me or a raise.

Good gamin' sir. Remind me to stay silent next time you join my table...

slb159 said...

If you joined the second chance M00kie Stud8 event, you would have been witness to an even higher degree of donkery.

SirFWALGMan said...

Poor Slb always gets donkeyed out on.. lol..

Anyhooo... I like your play. TJ s00ted actually has about the same odds pre-flop as AKo from what I hear.. and your not risking much, good pot odds, I liked your play a hell of alot..

God did I just say that..

Poker Jones said...

You were priced in. Good hand, sir.

mookie99 said...

Nice run and congrats on the finish...thanks for playing in The Mookie.