Monday, January 08, 2007

Living with Bitch

Last night I caught "Living With Ed," a reality show on HGTV about Ed Begley Jr. and his wife as they live an environmentally friendly life totally at his whim.

I can see what Ed's ditzy wife was thinking when she envisioned this show. "People will see how tough it is for me to live with this nutball environmentalist. He's such a burden on me."

Instead she comes off as a whiny, shallow bitch. She constantly moans about not living in Beverly Hills, not living in a mansion, not getting her life served to her on a silver platter.

Wah fricking wah.

In one episode Ed alludes to letting a maid make up the bed and that their doing it together is "faking for the TV cameras." Such maid is never seen, because it would betray the image they are creating of this "primitive" lifestyle.

I expected to see Ed's extreme environmental weirdness, but everything he does seems fairly reasonable. He claims that thirty years ago he bought a book with 50 ideas to improve the environment so he could maybe adopt a few that worked. But they all worked, so he did them all.

Cut to annoying wife bitching about counting on Ed's solar panels being cleaned with a hose and a broom in order for her to run her hair dryer. (It's very plain to see that the most important thing in this woman's world is her hair.) She complains that Ed has to clean the panels FOUR TIMES A YEAR to keep them working at full capacity. Oh the heartbreak she must suffer every three months, watching him hose off the roof for 15 minutes. The later admission that they are on the electrical grid as a backup blows the whole whiny theory out of the water.

There is no limit to her shallowness. She bitches about everything in her home, including the light bulbs, the file cabinets and Ed's Oscar. One moment she's complaining about Ed riding a stationary bike to generate electricity, but why? Because she's in a hurry to get to her posh gym where she can work out in luxury.

Unless you like listening to whiny unreasonable bitching from ultra-rich women, I'd avoid "Living With Ed."


Wolverine Fan said...

They promote it like a Green Acres type of show but I guess Mrs. Ed is no Zsa Zsa, eh?
I'd say she was more Arnold Ziffel but that would be demeaning Arnold too much. He rocked!!

Steelie said...

That's too bad. I heard about this show and really expected it to be the opposite with him being some whacked out environmental nut and her just trying to live a normal life. She's basically living off of him - I wonder why he doesn't show her the door?

On another note, I wish I had an electricity generating stationary bike. I'm working my fat butt off to lose a couple pounds and if I could save a couple bucks on the electric bill, that would be awesome.