Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Running out of Steam

I'm really running out of steam with this blog.

I just deleted a very long winded post about what I like and dislike about New Year's Resolutions. After re-reading it I decided it was sanctimonious judgmental bullshit. I'm finding myself writing posts and deleting them lately because they're just too lame. I realize that most of my posts are lame, so imagine how bad these had to be to miss the cut!

I'm not sure how to break out of these doldrums. I just know that I'm not posting the kind of entertaining stuff that people are drooling to read. Not that I ever did. But I took a lot more joy in it.

When I started reading blogs I did expect to read about a lot of people going pro. But I thought I would be reading about them going pro with poker, not with blogging. Iggy, Mean Gene, Maudie, Drizz, Speaker, Change100....who's next? I think it's great, although it seems the idea is about 18 months late. Is everyone linking to the new blogs for these people over at PW? They're all keeping their old digs going too, although it seems unlikely to me that those old blogs will maintain the quality we're used to.

Maybe the New Year's Resolution I need to make is to be a better blogger. If I only knew how to do that...


Anonymous said...

Duggle, I have always enjoyed reading your stuff. I was searching around through your archives just last night. You're still going strong, don't sweat it.

Also, that reminds me, I saw something about another blogger site at g0berude.blogspot.com (not there anymore) and something about "the truth about Duggles Lies" around Jan 2006. Know anything about that?

HighOnPoker said...

jl514, that was a BS blog made from some jackass trying to insult Duggles. He was just a blip on the radar.

Duggles, I feel ya, man. I've also been feeling a bit out of steam. Give it some time and it'll turn around though. In the meanwhile, give yourself a break and don't post for a while or cut down on the frequency.

on_thg said...

If you figure it out (how to break out of the blogging doldrums, that is), please, um, blog it. You're not alone.

Happy new year.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Interesting. FWIW (not much) I like this blog.

At times I think you're an opinionated blow hard, at other times I think you're a button-pushing conflict creator, and almost always I suspect your real agenda is to drive Waffles insane.

All that said, your traffic monitor could tell you I have been stopping by for a long, long time and I have not noticed any quality issues. Like I said, I like this blog.

Anonymous said...

Duggle you got a nice little write up at 1st rule (http://www.1struleofpoker.com/) he couldn't post himself b/c he doesn't have a Google account. Just figured i'd send the message.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the new digs do not diminish any "quality".

I do know my "voice" will be drier and more to the poker point simply because that's a paid gig to write strictly about poker, whereas I can be myself at my blog.

SirFWALGMan said...

Ya I agree with Ick.. No quality issues.. No quality. No issue. ha! Do what you want man. It's your blog. I read it. It's usually like an infomercial but sometimes I chuckle and othertimes I find something cool.