Thursday, January 04, 2007

Take That, Courtney Friel

It's great to see Shanna Hiatt on TV representing poker again. She's the hostess of the NBC show "Poker After Dark" which is apparently a direct ripoff of GSN's High Stakes Poker.

Shanna has again started arriving in my search engine hits with great frequency, but most of them are misspellings like Shawna Hyatt, Shana Hiatt, etc.

I posted this before, but since the searches seem to be coming in again, I thought I'd do my duty.

Shanna Hiatt Nude Pictures

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dlk9s said...

I wouldn't say it's a direct ripoff, but it looks to be trying to capitalize on HSP's popularity.

PAD is not a cash game. It's a $20,000 buy-in 6-handed S&G. Five nights will air the tourney, the sixth night will recap it with commentary by the winner.

If it is well done and interesting (I saw the 1st episode and my DVR forgot to record the 2nd one, for some reason), it could actually be a nice complement to HSP.

DuggleBogey said...

I haven't actually seen the show, just bits of it. Since there were bundles of cash in the players' stacks, it looked like a cash game to me.

I DVR'd last night's episode, I'll check it out.

mookie99 said...

You can watch it online at NBC's website.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Duggles...Shana Hiatt link appreciated.


Have I mentioned I note no quality issues here?

Anonymous said...

The show could use some more Shana, but is decent for the Hellmuth blow up factor.