Monday, January 22, 2007


zapPlaying along a SNG on PokerStars (I agree with Hoy, the first five people went out with the best hand, some of them incredibly unlikely) when ZAP! my laptop suddenly shut off.

I have been having really bad luck with my laptop recently. I left it sitting on an end table the other day when the dogs came running by and knocked it off. The new puppy gets the other two dogs riled up and they will occasionally come through the house like a herd of cattle. The laptop survived, but the wireless PC card was history. I always hated the flimsy little antenna that hangs off the side of those things. It was quickly replaced by a USB wireless adapter and I was back in business.

I raced upstairs to complete my SNG. After bubbling out (My AA vs AQ, all in Pre-flop -- KJT flop, [THANKS POKERSTARS!] and I'm down to 1.5 big blinds) I ran back downstairs to investigate my laptop. Nothing would make it budge, but the green light was flashing on the front. I removed the battery and tried just the power cord. Still nothing. I pulled the power cord and put in the battery, and the machine booted up. So I plugged in the power and ZAP! it shuts back down.

Closer inspection revealed that the power cord had been worn through, presumably from being closed into the recliner, which I recall doing once or twice. A pair of wire cutters, a pocket knife and a half a roll of electrical tape and my power supply is just like new, except that it looks like a snake that's had a recent meal.

I didn't finish the operation in time to make Mondays at the Hoy, but seeing as how it's on Poker Stars, maybe I'm glad I missed it? Maybe I'll use my handy dandy electronic repair skills to make myself a tinfoil hat.

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