Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to win the WWdN

WWdN win

First, you get lucky vs Transfish and crack his AA with your KK with a King on the turn. Then you throw your big stack around for the whole tourney until you suck out a few times and have five times as many chips as the player in second and you have the entire final table covered. Don't tilt after taking brutal bad beats twice while heads up, and finish him off with the Waffle! (24h)

If a (Mean Gene) offers a chop at any point, decline!

Thanks to everyone who played, and sorry to everyone I put a horrid beat on, which includes basically everyone.


StB said...

Congrats! I helped you out by promptly donking out in 38th place.

Billy said...

Congrats man. I had a lot of fun playing in my first WWdN last night and I'm still wondering if I should have called your allin on the Q-Q-6 board once it was down to just three of us.

DuggleBogey said...

I remember the hand you are talking about...I had 88 or 99 I can't remember which.