Tuesday, March 29, 2005

God Bless the UAW

God Bless the UAW. They may be ruining the company and thereby ruining the country, but I damn sure enjoyed the four day weekend they just forced me to take with pay. I did nearly nothing on the weekend, I needed time to decompress from all the weekend trips and goings on around here.

I really only played poker yesterday. I think I played a lot on Thursday and maybe some more on Friday, but it's all a blur now anyway. Yesterday was a joke. I started the day with a $5+1 MTT on Absolute. I was cruising along fine until I made two bad, bad, BAD plays in a row that I know better than to make. My excuse is that I was on the phone and got distracted, but that's bullshit. I made a fish mistake, and paid for it.

Yesterday was poker on the cheap day. I figured I could play nothing but freerolls and tournaments that used player points. Huge mistake. I played in these things for hours and didn't see a scrap of poker played all day. Assholes playing any two cards and catching lightning, all the while criticizing others for being bad players. People who wouldn't know poker if it crawled up their rectum and spawned, being table coaches to even worse players.

Saturday was the Poker Forum Challenge hosted by Royal Vegas poker. There were a dozen or two of us representing PokerSourceOnline and about a dozen who spent the tournament in the PSO chat area. I swear, the chat was more fun than the tourney. Out of nearly 1400 contestants, all the PSOers in chat finished in the top 100, but none of us made the money that started at 30. If you were in the chat, thanks for making an otherwise routine tournament more fun.

Oh yeah! I remember what I did on Thursday now...I played in a WSOP qualifier where the top 9 players get a chance to win a trip to the WSOP. Not an entry, mind you, just the trip. Gotta love Absolute Poker. We won't give away "The Ultimate Prize" we'll give away something that looks sorta like it. A trip to go WATCH the WSOP. Not even the whole thing, just a few days worth. Absolute Poker is the Chinese Knock-Off of the poker world. They kinda look a little like Paradise Poker, but can't pull it off without being a total resource hog. They wanna be Pardise so bad, they can taste it.

This ridiculous joke of a tourney took six and a half hours, and that was just to get down to the final table. Since all nine got the same prize, everybody (except for one asshole, there's always one) went all in on the next hand.

Anyway, I finished in the top 9 out of 1500 players to get a shot at the trip. That tourney is Thursday. There's a blogger tournament on Wednesday (see Iggy's for details) and a $5000 freeroll sponsored by PokerSourceOnline on Friday.

Two of those tournaments are worth more than $1000 for first place, yet if I were forced to choose, I'd rather win the one on Wednesday.

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