Friday, March 04, 2005


I think I'll take a break today and write up a little bit about all the folks you see who I've linked up on the right side, under the curious Chinese word. I've been thinking of offering a prize to the first person who can tell me what that word is, and WHY I have it posted there. I think I will make the prize a copy of Phil Hellmuth's "Play Poker Like the Pros." First correct commenter gets my used copy.

  • The Blogfather

  • Everyone knows Iggy, so there's not much to say about him. He pimped me when I was first starting, and referred to me during the whole stripper fiasco. Wanna know how to get hits for your poker blog? Get Iggy to mention you. He has been kind of lax lately, well, not counting Poker Tracker Guide but it seems like weeks since he's made an uber-post.

  • Poker on Film

  • Heafy really presents a refreshing view of poker, mostly because it's coming from Australia. He's funny and really into movies. It's great watching him make the move from a fish into a steady and solid player.

  • Poker Perspectives

  • Maudie is great and very genuine. I guess she got posted early on because she's a fellow Oklahoman. She's been kind of dejected lately, but I suspect she just misses her theater happenings and exhaustion from having done them. I expect a rebound shortly.

  • Double As

  • I listed him after knocking him out on a freak hand at the first Blogger tourney I played. The guy is an NL monster. If I could be anyone on my blog list, I'd be DA. The part of his blog I have enjoyed most are the parts about trying to separate money from chips, and how poker has changed his perspective on the worth of money. It's really fascinating stuff.

  • SirFWALGMan

  • I started reading SirF because he was incredibly prolific. He would post three or four times per day, and it was pretty entertaining stuff. He has slowed down since he busted out in DAZZLING fashion. I still read his stuff and enjoy playing with him at the Party Poker tables, because he's a great guy who loves to talk about poker. He's one of the good guys.

  • FeliciaLee

  • Felicia is the patron saint of poker bloggers. It's like she watches over us and makes sure we are all okay. Even though it's pretty evident that she's not usually okay. Felicia takes a lot of criticism for her uncompromising attitude, but people who don't realize how good that is deserve what they get when the poker world SHITS ALL OVER THEM. We love you Felicia, don't ever forget that.

  • Life's A Grind

  • I met Lifesagrind on the Poker Cruise I won from Poker Source Online. He also won his way on, and he's really a fun guy to play poker with at a live table. He lives very close to one of the home games I play at in Kansas, so I hope to be playing more with him in the future. He doesn't post a lot, but when he does it's very creative and interesting.

  • Anisotropy

  • I don't even remember where I got this link to Anisotropy, maybe the name just interested me. I think he's explained it like ten times now, and I still have no idea what it means. What it means to me is an interesting blog. I think it's just going to get better and better as he makes the transition from the IT world to High School teacher. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

  • Al Can't Hang

  • Everyone knows Al too. He's a talented writer who never fails to entertain. I'm surprised at the recent post where he admitted that he is a losing player, and he called out a lot of folks who also admitted it. I guess I just assumed that if I can win (albeit very small) at poker, everyone else was too. If Al doesn't win money playing poker, there's nobody that gets more value out of it in fun and friendship. I may be a winning player overall, but I still hope to be as succesful as Al.

  • Mean Gene

  • Gene is another one of those blogs that is more about the writing than it is about the poker. I love his reviews. He could review an episode of American Idol and I'd probably enjoy it. And that's saying a lot, because I personally believe that American Idol is PURE EVIL.

  • Grubby

  • PokerGrub = Crack Cocaine. I crave new posts from this blog. I started reading it because he posted a lot about the Washington DC area, which is where I grew up. But since he moved to Vegas I thirst for every tidbit of detail in his experience, so that I can live vicariously through him.

  • Helixx

  • Helixx I met at a blogger table and I appreciate his technology based insight into the poker world. His recent trip to vegas was enthralling, but he's been taking some time off since then. I assume he's decompressing and will come back soon with more interesting stuff.

  • Pauly

  • Pauly falls into the category of great writer too, but there is no lack in the Poker area either. Actually Pauly is a FANTASTIC writer, and I feel like I am STEALING when I get to read his stuff for free. Someday he will get all his stuff published in book form, and I will be able to say (along with the other THRONGS of readers he has) that I read all that stuff as it happened.

  • Chris Halverson

  • Halverson knows how to spin a tale too, and his poker content also never fails to please. I took a shot at him in comments recently and he handled himself very well.

  • BadBlood

  • It's great reading about Badblood and all the little bloods. It's more of a family guy perspective of the poker world, with interesting poker content.

  • Drop The Hammer!

  • I just started reading the hammer, and it's pretty fun irreverent stuff. I aspire to be as cynical as hammer.

  • StudioGlyphic

  • I met Studio at the blogger table, and waited WAY TOO LONG before adding him to my links. When he used my referral ID at, I woke up and realized it wasn't there. The live game stuff from California is great, but it makes me very jealous.

  • Shelly

  • Last and certainly not least is Shelly, who only got added a few days ago. She's incredibly genuine, which is something I admire a lot. You really get a sense of her from her writing, and that's a lot bigger deal than people generally think. Maybe blogging about how you really FEEL is more acceptable when it comes from a female blogger, but I think it is very difficult to pull off. Shelly does a great job.

    And those are my links. I put them there so I can click them easily and read them every day. Except for Felicia's link, which reminds me to click on her LiveJournal link. Don't forget to make your guess at the Chinese Word. You might win the greatest poker book ever written in the opinion of the author.


    ToddCommish said...

    Well, it looks like "Mouth with alcohol", or something similar. The symbol on the right is definitely ALCOHOL, the symbol on the left is similar to Mouth.

    ToddCommish said...

    Aha, I found it. It's "Drink Beer".

    Shelly said...

    Thanks, DuggleBogey! :)

    I think your Chinese word looks like "my pocket fours ran into walking sticks and got devoured in a chaotic mess."

    But I don't know Chinese :)

    Maudie said...

    Thanks Duggle! Things are looking up and I'm on the comebacke trail.. BTW - Thunderbird Casino here in Norman will have poker in a couple of weeks - we need to be thinking about getting a SW blogger fest going when it does. Whadya' say?

    Ignatious said...

    i always thought it meant bonus code IGGY. ;)

    Lifesagrind said...

    Hope to be cynical? ROFLMAO!!
    Seriously, thanks for the mention and anytime you have an opening I'm ready. I'm not going anywhere for spring break after all.

    Felicia :) said...

    Jeez, now how much do I owe you? This is getting expensive! Being flamed is much cheaper, lol.

    StudioGlyphic said...

    Thanks for the props, DB. Of course now I feel tremendous pressure to go play some more live poker, or at least write about it.

    I think the Commish nailed the Chinese characters. I don't know Chinese, but "Drink Beer" sounds fitting.

    Sean said...

    Thanks for the props, DB. I'll be sure to link you up next time I update my links, which, at this rate, will be in about 423951 years.

    I enjoy your blog as well though :)

    Dr. Pauly said...

    Thanks dude for the kind words!