Wednesday, March 02, 2005

PokerNow Changes

Party Poker changed yesterday, and I'm not sure I like the changes.

They changed the blinds on all the NL/PL games, and added much higher buy-in games, up to $1000 buy-in. While the NL game probably isn't changed much by the blinds going DOWN in $25NL, the PL game is changed drastically. Instead of blinds being $.50/$.25, they are now $.25/$.10. The max raise pre-flop in an unraised hand in $25PL was $1.75. Enough to scare out crappy hands, but not enough to keep a decent starting hand from playing. Add a few limpers and the raise was around $3, the perfect amount. Now the max raise pre-flop in an unraised hand is $.85. Eighty-Five cents. That doesn't scare away shit. If you are in early position with a big pair, you are fucked. You can raise the lousy eighty-five cents and get 8 limpers, or you can just call and PRAY for a raiser that you can re-raise.

Or you can move up to the $50PL tables, which is what I did. What sucks about this is that the maniacs that I profit mostly on will stay at the $25 game, or switch to NL. Another thing that sucks is that while the blinds are the same as the old $25PL game, the risk is much higher. I dropped two buy-ins in about 20 minutes in that game. The day before it would have cost me $50 and I wouldn't have batted an eye. Now I am down $100 and walking away for the day.

I'm still not sure what I will do. I can either switch to $25NL and deal with the psychos, or I can keep plugging at $50PL and look harder for the idiots.

Edit: More on this.

Chris Halverson posted the following in SirFWALman's comments:

You're crazy if you don't like the new structure. It also shows that you never played at any other site as EVERY other site has 100BB buyins.

Deep stacks favor good people. It actually means you have to play and not just push. I about jumped for joy when I saw that they upped it.

My response...

Why would you "jump for joy" when they made the place just like everywhere else? Who the fuck likes the same thing everywhere? If you liked the blind structure somewhere else, GO PLAY THERE. Some of us liked having a choice.

All I know is it made the $25PL game completely pointless, and that was my favorite game there.


pistolwhipped said...

You have to be kidding me..."Why would you "jump for joy" when they made the place just like everywhere else? Who the fuck likes the same thing everywhere? If you liked the blind structure somewhere else, GO PLAY THERE. Some of us liked having a choice."

Do you know that is perhaps the best thing they could've done - that is restructure the blinds to where they should be.

If anything your winrate is going to can move up in limits and the same fish will be playing (and you'll find new ones).

I think your problem is you spend too much time whining.

All in all, quit the bitching, shut your mouth and play.

Have a fabulous day!

DuggleBogey said...

Who the fuck are you to say that's where the blinds "should be?" Just because everyone else has them that way? There's no room in the world for something different? Every place has to be exactly the same?

And as far as your comments about "whining" and "bitching"...

Fuck you.

pistolwhipped said...

You are a rather rude individual. To be honest though I thought you were in your early twenties and from reading your blog I find out you are much older than that.

I think it's time you started to act your age. Also I enjoy how you say a lot of shit about other people. It shows how much of a man you really are.

I think this is the last time I'll visit your blog, just too much whining always going on. You always fail to see the big picture out of everything you post about, which makes me think that you have a lot to learn.

I know I have a lot to learn, I freely admit that and from reading your blog just makes me think you really need to do some reflective thinking about your game and your life in general - just MHO.

Have an awesome day!

DuggleBogey said...

I'm sure you're lying about visiting my blog for the last time. Trolls like you who post asinine shit can't stay away.

As far as being mean to other people, with the exception of stripper, I can't imagine what you are talking about. And she provoked me.

Your blog is non-existant. Post something of value and then you'll have a right to criticize.

I'll act whatever fucking age I want to. I don't even know what "act your age" means. If you're saying I act childish, I don't entirely disagree.

Think about your level of wisdom. You come to a blog entitled GO BE RUDE and accuse me of being rude. No shit Sherlock. Got any other pearls for us?

Chris Halverson said...

Cross posted from Waffleman's since I'm called out. You can be as rude as you want, it's your blog :)

I did play other places and always hated coming back to Party due to the lameness of the stacks. Like BadBlood said, there's nothing stopping you from buying in for half a buyin and pretending it's like it was before.

Short stack NL ends up mostly being a push fest. Having the deeper stacks totally favors a good NL player as you can charge more for stupid people's draws.

As for the PL, I can't comment because I've never played that, but I can see where it would drastically change that.

DuggleBogey said...

Actually I don't think there's any disagreement here. You are talking solely about the changes to NL and I am talking solely about changes to PL. There's a big difference. I pretty much agree with you that it might improve NL (yet you can find that game at any other site so I still think less options are good.)

But among the VERY FEW people I know who loved the $25PL game, they all agree this ruins the game completely.

StudioGlyphic said...

Wow. Controversy. The only reason to read blogs.

SirFWALGMan said...

Im never reading again if you call me a jinyx either! Bastaaad! Maybe if you stopped calling all in bets with A2o you might do better? heh.

Have a fabulous day!