Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yankee Fans

If you are a Yankee fan, and maybe even if you're not, you should be reading this guy:

The Pinstripe Bible

Sometimes you will read a history of World War II that argues there was a racial component to the American decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. It was never strongly suggested, this argument goes, that the bomb should be used on Germany. This may be true, but it is equally true that the A-bomb was not ready to be dropped until after the Germans had surrendered. For Harry Truman to drop the big one on the Rhine in August of 1945, three months after V-E Day, would have been, at the very least, impolite. Bringing a closer in to protect a three-run lead in the ninth is the same thing. It’s like nuking the enemy after the war is over.

The writer is Steve Goldman, and he knows his shit about baseball, and is entertaining as hell.