Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well Shit

PokerNow has cancelled all Rake Rebate programs from all affiliates, including

So as of yesterday, I will not get any more rake rebate for my play at PokerNow. Guess what that means? I'm not playing anymore at PokerNow. The email said something about Party not paying PokerNow something, so there is a lot of fear of PokerNow going under. I withdrew all my money, and I sure hope I get it. Apparently rumors are running rampant on 2+2.

I got a good signup bonus at PokerNow and got about a month and a half worth of rake rebate, so my total profit other than poker winnings is around $200, which isn't bad for a month and a half.

But as of right now I am not playing for any kind of bonus or comp at all, and I hate that. It feels like I am losing money when I play just for the money on the table. Talk about spoiled.

I did have a feeling that the Rake Rebate program from PokerNow via was too good to be true. It's unusual when the absolutely perfect situation comes along, and that's what PokerNow was for me. I guess it didn't take much stretch of imagination to realize they were going to fuck it up.

I was going to post yesterday about Rake Rebates vs. Bonus Whoring, and I still plan on doing so, espeically since I will probably end up going back to bonus whoring until I work out another rake rebate site that plays as fishy as Party Poker.

I hope PokerNow pays everyone the money they owe them, and then goes down in FLAMES. You can't fuck with people like that and get away with it. If Party is actually behind it, Fuck them too. No company is untouchable in this business. Even the big dog can be caught and eaten.

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Ignatious said...

from what i could discern, this all stems from party's impending IPO. makes sense, from that perspective, but it makes you wonder what's gonna happen with all the other party skins...