Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Maudie Wins!

Maudie from Poker Perspectives-Maudie's Poker Blog guessed correctly!

Maudie wins the book, authored by the 2005 Heads Up Poker Championship winner. Maudie, I can ship it to you, or I can give it to in person you at the first meeting of the SW Blogger Fest. The choice is yours!


Maudie said...

What a...er...great...yeah that's it...great prize. I'll...uh..treasure it. Or, how about I trade you my used copy for your used copy?? LOL Thunderbird says April 1st is when the poker room will be open. I'm thinking a fool's day Okie-Vegas blogger fest might be in order.

Ignatious said...

geezus, if your real name truly is BEER, then yes, this is officially my all-time fave blog. :)