Thursday, March 24, 2005

Poker on TV turns a corner

I just watched the WPT event that I recorded from Wednesday night, and I have heard a lot of comments about the new graphics and the changes that the WPT made this season. I haven't seen anybody mention the most impressive change.

They don't explain the rules of hold em anymore.

That's right. They assume if you're watching, you've seen the game before and know how it works. The ESPECIALLY don't explain what hand beats what anymore. MAYBE there were people seeing that and going "WOW, a full house beats a flush?" But I doubt it.

It always bugged me. I would be watching the 18th broadcast of the WSOP and here comes the little video presentation teaching us how the betting works in Texas Hold Em. Or a WPT event with Mike Sexton calling it "The Caddilac of Poker" for the umpteenth time.

No more. When you watch a baseball game, they don't take time out in the beginning to tell you that four balls make a walk. They don't start hockey games early to explain what icing is, even though I think more people understand hold em than understand offsides in a hockey or soccer game.

The game is growing up. This is a HUGE step for the ligitimacy of televised poker.

Now back to watching college basketball. I have Louisville in my pool, so I'm looking good for at least a profit. What does that arc on the court mean again?

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Maudie said...

I hadn't noticed that - I'd mentioned to someone way back when we'd know poker had arrived when they stopped doing that - well, here we are!