Sunday, July 16, 2006

11 Hours Later...

The drive through Arkansas and Tennessee was MUCH better than the flight through Dallas. It took longer than I thought because there was an accident that had traffic stopped dead on I40 about 60 Miles outside of Nashville for 90 minutes.

It's almost Midnight Central time and "the Ick" has really got a stranglehold on my throat. Right now I just want a Tylenol and a bed. I hope I can get out of work soon. Working after driving 11 hours isn't the brightest idea I've come up with yet. I expected everything to be smooth after two weeks off....wrong! Hopefully they will get on track soon...I might not be awake for much longer.

1 comment:

Bloody P said...

By "the Ick" are you referring to Iakaris??

Because I've heard that includes genital itching as one of the MANY symptoms.