Friday, July 14, 2006

The "Ick"

I have aquired the Las Vegas "Ick."

I have only myself to blame. Staying up for 40 hours straight, weakening your immune system and playing poker with filthy chips the whole time is just asking for a germ festival in your mucous systems. Plus touching all the slot and video poker machines. Just begging for trouble.

The Anti-American feelings persist, as they cancelled my return trip. Luckily I was flying on Wednesday and there was a seat left on the flight from Vegas to Dallas. My non-refundable ticket is still there. It is only good for a flight to Vegas between now and next July. Just one direction. Handy. Or I can get a voucher. As far as I can figure, vouchers are totally worthless. You can use them for future flights, but only if you book them at the counter at the airport. So the amount I might save by buying online will be totally negated by buying the ticket at the counter, plus what it costs to drive to the airport. Not to mention the fact that I will be relocating to Tennessee as soon as possible, so a flight from Oklahoma to Tennessee is basically worthless. If anyone wants to use it, let me know. I can give it away, but I have to be at the counter at the time they way to use it.

Meeting more bloggers was sensational. I kept my identity on the down-low, so I'm sorry to those people who wanted to meet me. I was trying to avoid a "byronesque" situation. I did reveal myself to some folks, and I was really happy to meet them. I got to share a smoke-break with Al, and got my copy of "Pressure Poker" autographed by DoubleAs. I got a hug from Veneno and got to see Iggy, Pauly, and Maudie again. A successful trip, with no blogger overload. I definitely think that one of the reasons I made money playing poker on this trip was that I did NOT play with bloggers.


Veneno said...

That's not right! You need to lose money like the rest of us.

Next time do it right! It was totally worth it. Bet my memomories will out last your dinero.

At least I got to give the Rude guy a big hug!

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

If you were to ask Waffles, I am the Las Vegas Ick. Hope you feel better.

You were one of a handful of people I really wanted to meet that circumstance never presented a good opportunity to do so. Hopefully next time.

DuggleBogey said...

You, along with Waffles and Carmen are some of the very few people I regret not meeting.