Sunday, July 23, 2006

You know you're evil when...

You know you're evil when you take more pleasure in tilting someone than you do winning a tournament.

I took a bad beat to get knocked out of the "BloggerPods" tournament, but it was certainly alleviated by the fact that I took first in a 45-player SNG at Full Tilt at the same time.

I entered the SNG before I knew exactly when bloggerpods started. When I checked and saw it was a little more than an hour, I thought I'd be done by then. I didn't consider that I'd win the darn thing. I'm not very good at multi-tabling in the first place, and when I'm down to heads up it's really hard to pay attention to a $1 blogger tourney. I played a pretty strong heads-up game and managed to cripple my opponent with a flush draw that scored on the river. The $22 SNG paid a nice $342.

I did manage to put a nice bluff by Waffles in the Bloggerpods tourney. He limped on my BB and the flop came a semi-scary T97. I checked and he bet $500. I was fairly short with around $1600 in chips, but I thought I had just enough fold equity to make a move here. I only had 24 I didn't think he'd have a hard time imaginging a 68. I pushed and he let the timer run out. I showed the bluff and he soon tilted out, re-raising BG's 99 with A6s, and he was gone. All he said after I showed the 24 was "nice bet" but you could practially see the steam coming from his avatar. It was glorious.


SirFWALGMan said...

good imagination.

Veneno said...

Tilting Waffes...ah yes..tis a glorious

Reminds me..I haven't had that pleasure lately.