Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Anti-American

American Airlines, that is.

I was supposed to be typing this from Dallas, waiting for my connection to Las Vegas. Instead American Airlines decides to CANCEL my flight from OKC to Dallas, leaving about a hundred passengers COMPLETELY FUCKED. After waiting in line for an hour American Airlines couldn't do anything for me that would get me a flight into Las Vegas tonight, so I walked down two counters and made a Southwest flight by five minutes. I stopped by the American Counter to get them to give me a refund, and they said "sorry, it's a non-refundable flight." So THEY cancelled the motherfucking flight, but I still have to fucking pay for it!

Let's all get together and start a discount airline. We can offer really cheap flights because we will just CANCEL them all. People will still book them because hey, they're cheap. All the flights will be "non-refundable" so we're talking PURE PROFIT! By the time they catch up to our scam, we'll all be sipping umbrella drinks in some tropical place that doesn't extradite. Please consider it. We'll call it "Hammer Air."

Of course this bullshit couldn't happen on my way BACK from Vegas, where I'd be happy to be stranded. Hell, strand me for a week! I'll pay extra! No, I gotta pay an extra $330 to Southwest and get a useless voucher for a flight from American. I could have booked this flight to begin with, but the American flight was $50 cheaper. I learned my $330 lesson. Fuck American Airlines, spend the extra $50.

Funny part is the Southwest Flight goes through Kansas City, so my connection is the same flight that KingLucky will be on. Think he'll be surprised to see me at the airport? I was supposed to meet him at the rental car counter when his flight got in a couple of hours after mine. Now we are synchronized nicely.

P.S. I know, I'm late with the comic. Gimme a minute...

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