Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Sponsors

Go Be Rude would like to welcome two new sponsors to the site!

toppoker adNot your usual poker site, is home to a group of freaks that can also play poker. While PokerHo has some questionable strategies, a zombie named Dead Money definitely knows his math. Groovy pages to check out are the holdem simulator and a series of pics of a scantily-clad poker babe who undergoes some rigorous poker hand analysis.

Blind Bet Poker

Blind Bet Poker is a great resource for things like Poker Book Reviews and tournament news, as reported by Poker Magazine:

blind bet poker logo
Blind Bet Poker has a huge variety of poker resources like terminology, strategy, history, tips, books and news. It's best features however, are the profiles of about 50 top poker players, and it's reviews of online card rooms which are in depth and give 'thumbs up' and thumbs down' ratings to the various rules and promos offered by each site. Some good analysis and information is also found in their 'Question of the Week' section.

Please give 'em a click or two, you won't be sorry!

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