Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Look

I was inspired by TripJax new look, so I put up a new banner for Go Be Rude. I'm not renaming everything "DuggleBogey," even though more people know my blog by that name than by Go Be Rude. Hopefully google helps them out if they don't know the url. I do get an occasional search for the name "DuggleBogey," and I hope they're not all just people I put bad beats on in tournaments. Maybe one day I will get the url to point here, but as for now, I am sticking with Go Be Rude.

As I told Trip, Go Be Rude is And for those of you inside the joke, hopefully you will still enjoy it.

Hopefully the banner will give you a chuckle too.

1 comment:

TripJax said...

Love it...for all the right reasons. And glad you like my new's a work in progress...