Monday, August 14, 2006


bumblebeemanI'm still kinda buzzed from the PLO win on Saturday. I generally don't play Omaha, I feel O8 is a much stronger game for me. There were 178 players and it seemed to go much faster than the split version of the game.

Just to over-simplify things, all I did in this tournament was use good pre-flop hand selection and capitalized on my opponents making betting errors after the flop. This is why I think O8 is a stronger game for me, because it seems like players make more mistakes in O8 than in Omaha.

But I did make an unusually large amount of draws in this tournament, which allowed me to carry a big stack the whole time and into the final table. Players just seem to get desperate very early in these games. Pot limit keeps them from chasing your good pre-flop hands out, and it seems like once a player has potted it pre-flop he is completely unable to get away from his hand, no matter what the board looks like.

I have been playing a lot more holdem lately, even though I started the year on a huge Omaha rush. I don't know if switched because I got tired of playing Omaha, which is twice the grind of holdem. Sometimes I'll switch games when the beats get too frequent and I feel like I'm never making the right moves.

Anyway, this has rejuvenated my attitude towards Omaha. You can expect to see me at the cash tables for the forseeable future.


chipper said...

Nice take on your Omaha8 victory! Sweet jebus - I'm still looking for my first big cash. Best I've done was 2nd place in a damn $1 tourney for a $100 win.

Besides holdem, I've started playing Stud lately. Lots of donks play stud and chase hands to the final card there.

mookie99 said...

Congrats, nice score !

HighOnPoker said...

Congrats, Duggle. If you are ever looking for company at the PLO or PLO8 tables (tourneys or cash), hit me up with an IM. I love me some Omaha.

slb159 said...

Glad to see a blogger hit something like that. I've had a feww sessions of Omaha Hi, but not experienced in it enough to play it exclusively, or even on a regular basis. There is certainly $ to be made there though...I saw that first-hand.

Drizztdj said...

Excellent win Duggle!! PLO is definitely a different beast then PLO8 as I've been playing both for sometime now.

The cash games at $100 and above get very aggressive so strap on your helmet and I'm sure you'll walk away up more times then down.