Saturday, August 19, 2006

Much Calmer

I finally made it into my corporate housing. The latest challenge? Internet!

I fired up my laptop and searched for wireless networks. There was one, but it was password protected. I searched through all my move-in documentation, and couldn't find one. A phone call to the office yeilded an answering service, I could leave a message for them in the morning. A night without internet? That's like a night without air.

Then I spied an interesting box on the bar that passes thru to the kitchen. A cable modem and an install kit. Very interesting! The only cable outlet was the one for the television, but the kit included a splitter. I plugged in the cable modem and ran the appropriate wires. The only page available to me was the "Sign up with Comcast" home page.

A phone call to Comcast Cable Internet Division yeilded unexpectedly positive results. I knew no details of the corporate account that should be charged for the internet service, but the tech was incredibly helpful, tracking down the account holder by traceing the mac address from my cable modem. Either that or he just said "fuck it" and turned it on. Either way, I was donking it up at the tables in just minutes!

So things are much calmer here now. If I can just find the perfect house, like this one. Isn't it lovely? I'm meeting with the real estate agent today at 1:00, so we'll see.


C.L. Russo said...

Where's that house located? Reminds me of Newfoundland.

Which, by the way,probably has some of the cheapest real estate in North America.

Of course, the commute would be somewhat long...

Railbird said...

The house is beautiful, except for the colour!

Greetings from Germany,


Pokerwolf said...

That house is a blogger's dream come true!