Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poker Not THAT Mainstream

A long time ago I set up a search agent on Fatwallet Forums to tell me when anyone posts using the word "Poker." People were posting a lot of affiliate deals and I liked seeing what was going on and countering any posts with info about Poker Source Online. Fatwallet put an end to that practice pretty quickly, but my search agent remains.

The other day I saw someone figured out how to get the ESPN Pay-Per-View of the WSOP for $9.95 instead of $24.95 (Some mistake by a specific cable company that I'm sure has been fixed by now) and the thread generated some interesting comments...

Three Random Idiots:

People pay for this? It will be on ESPN eventually for free!
People paying to watch poker? I like playing as much as the next guy, but let's be real...
You can watch me play for 8.95. I usually charge 25.95, so this is a much better deal.

I wonder if that guy who's offering the $8.95 deal has a prize pool over $80 Million? I wonder if tons of people have been following his event for two weeks and are anxious to see how it turns out?

I may just have to pay the $8.95 to find out...


slb159 said...

I wonder what they said about people who paid to see Mr. T and the Hulkster duke it out in the first Wrestlemania.

mookie99 said...

Just wished they could show hole cards like they have done on Fox a couple times.

Love the book cover.

Thanks for playing in the tourney last night.

dlk9s said...

If I post live updates on your blog, directly from the Rio, will you pay me $8.95?

I think I'm good luck for all those who don't want a long night. I went to poop at Doug Kim got eliminated. I wonder what's going to happen after I eat a big dinner.