Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ever Notice....

"If any of you here are in Marketing or Advertising.....kill yourselves."
Bill Hicks (1961-1994)

Have you ever noticed that every Omaha bad beat story ends the same way? "The board paired on the river." I feel for you On THG. (And I still need an idea for your link on my blogroll.) I had a similar experience last night when there was an absolute donkey just spewin' cash and I couldn't lay my hands on a dime of it. I was hanging in there taking some from the folks that were taking it off him (her? Gender means nothing online) so I was hovering near my buy-in all night, but I couldn't hit anything significant.

The 5pm deadline has come and gone about 15 hours ago, and still no word from the seller. I'm told that full price isn't enough. Am I a sucker or what? They must have seen me coming. I understand why they want more, they priced the house ridiculously low based on the square footage. What I don't understand is, they knew the price and they knew the square footage. Do I want to buy a house from people who can't understand math well enough to do basic division? There's supposedly a counter offer coming. Nothing yet though. I'm bracing myself for the worst.


chipper said...

Reminds me of the time I bought my 1st house. We found a home we really liked. It had good location and the layout we wanted. We knew the house had been up for sale for a while, so we decided to bid about 18% below asking price. They came back with a counter offer of higher than what they originally asked for! We said "screw that". And kept looking. Well lo and behold, 2 months later, they came back crawling on their knees and wondered if our original offer was still good - and ya - we took it. They were despirate and we weren't and we got the price we wanted. So let them play their pricing games. Pick a price you want and let them eat a couple more interest payments. It's a buyers market these days.

Riverrun said...

I can always represent you, i'm sure a plane ride isn't too much to get down there from my igloo.

As a Real Estate agent I say find one to represent you, NEVER use the selling agent. I'm not sure if you have one or not, I don't remember reading it if you do, if you do disregard this.

C.L. Russo said...

We had a similar situation when we bid on a house. Turns out, the owners were only using our offer to get a better price from another prospective buyer.

They had us on the hook for two days and I had some distinct words for the seller when I ran into him in the supermarket the next week.

Drizztdj said...

Same as C.L., found a really nice home, offered the full listed price (back when it was a seller's market), then found out AFTER we put in the bid had to "outbid" someone else by tacking on another 15% to our bid.

Luckily we found another home, cheaper, bigger, and in the same neighborhood for less then what we were willing to pay.

Wolverine Fan said...

I think THG (Rep Ipsa Poker) is a lawyer so how about the scales of justice for him. Also, I believe he is a Michigan Man so maybe a U of M logo or our winged helmet.

Good luck with the house hunting. Is Mrs. Duggle going to be the "Queen of your double wide trailer?"