Thursday, August 17, 2006

Homicidal Rage

I was supposed to move into my corporate apartment on the seventh. I accepted the fact that it takes 10 business days to get it set up, so I adjusted my expectations to the tenth. It is now the 17th and I had to scramble yet again to find another hotel room.

Not only that, but my move-in date on the apartment is actually the 16th, so the clock has started on my move out date. And I've never even set foot in the place. The lack of communication from the corporate housing people is astounding. I finally lost it and sent an email up the chain of management in the department.

I kind of feel bad for the employee I am torching, because I wasn't her case in the first place. My original agent never once contacted me since I initiated the process in late July. When I finally reached explosion point and went the management route before, the current agent happened to be in while mine was sick. She got stuck with a customer who was already on the edge.

Yet she has also been grossly incompetent in her duties, sending me an email telling me to "stand by" and then not contacting me for two days, despite my efforts to contact her.

If I have trouble getting reimbursed for these hotel expenses, or if I'm not in my apartment by tomorrow afternoon, I may make an average post office seem like a peaceful environment.

UPDATE: I'm cautiously optimistic. I have an address and a lockbox combination. The agent replied that she thought I "had been given" that information. Notice how she avoids saying it was her responsibility to give it to me, and she fucked it up? I wonder what she thought was up with all those emails from me pleading for help? I guess she only reads emails from her boss.


SirFWALGMan said...

Housing Tilt. Sweet! Seriously good luck with that.

GaryC said...


You never should have left Oklahoma.

I'm just saying.


PS:Good luck with the apartment. I'd hate to read about you in the paper or see you on the national news.