Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Noticable Improvement

slb straight flush

You'll notice by the upper right hand of the photo that is is the first hand of the match. Actually, this was the first hand of the first round of a four way heads-up shootout with Veneno, Steve (SLB159) and Me. Jordan (High on Poker) was supposed to be in there too, but he just missed it.

I flopped the straight flush, which is pretty safe to slow play (unless your name starts with an "S" and it ends with a "walgman") especially heads up. Poor Steve hit his straight on the river and my all-in looked enough like a bluff that he called, and it was over in that one hand.

Steve really took it well. He actually thought I slow played a flush, but when he saw it was a straight flush, he understood why I played it that way. He steamed for a moment, or so he told me later, but he got over it quickly and he kept his cool in the chat. He knows he has a problem with chat abuse after taking a beat, and losing in the first hand of a tournament will certainly make your temper rise if you have one. He's making an effort to get it under control, and it really shows.


slb159 said...

Lol...I thought I r00led, but I don't. Cry cry.

jjok said...


The first hand of the tournament? That totally sucks for slob!

Drizztdj said...

The trick is getting Quads vs. Straight Flush and winning a BBJ.

That takes the sting out of losing.

Betting heavy on the end like that definitely screams bluff.

Well done.

SirFWALGMan said...

I dont see any problem with slow playing any kind of flush as long as you can fold if that 4th card comes and you think he has a better hand.

slb159 said...

I like quads, str8 flushes and big blow jobs.
Oh, you meant Bad Beat Jackpot, Drizz...gotcha.

Veneno said...

Nice job Duggle. And I agree Steve seems be handling the beats better.

Best wishes...