Monday, August 21, 2006

House Hunting

House Hunting is very tedious. You want the perfect house, but anyone's idea of "perfect" is so nebulous it's impossible to nail down.

Turns out the beautiful house in the picture from the previous post is in Ireland. Beautiful countryside, but a bit of a commute. Even worse than Newfoundland. Ironically I am seriously considering a house in a town called Belfast. Middle Tennessee, not Northern Ireland.

I'm also looking at two houses in Chapel Hill. But they're not in the same town. I guess there were a lot of hills, and a lot of those hills had Chapels on them. I've been calling them "Big Chapel Hills" and "Little Chapel Hills" although if you saw the "Big" variety, you'd laugh at the name. I believe there's a traffic signal. But I think it's usually just flashing red and yellow.

One reason I like the house in the picture is the beautiful green rolling hills, and Middle Tennessee has a lot of them. It's really beautiful country. After flat brown Oklahoma, it's a pleasant change.


iamhoff said...

House hunting sucks ass. I must concur, tho, that there is some gorgeous scenery in Tennessee. GL man.

Shelly said...

now that i've gone through the process of selling a house, i'll say that i'd rather buy a house any day than sell one. especially when you get the buyers from hell that act like they're buying a brand new house from you (and expect it in that condition) when the house is 10 or 20 or 30 years old! may your house stuff go more smoothly than mine!! :)

Veneno said...

At least you will get to live in a house..

Best wishes with your hunt!

Wolverine Fan said...

Dude, we work for the same company - RENT!!

Just kidding, good luck and check out the one where you go over the crick, past the holler, turn at the dead oak and go up the two track past Elwood's still. It needs a little work...

leathej1 said...

I've bought, I've sold, I've designed, I've contracted, I've built. It is all a very *ahem* challenging experience.

Here is the new house: