Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pichur Bloggin'

I received my Camera ahead of schedule, (thank you Amazon) and took a few just to try it out.

Here is what I see from my living room window every day around dusk. This is what I love about the house in Oklahoma. Hopefully we can find something similar in Tennessee.

This is my beagle. She's a sweetheart, but very strong willed. Her name is Dervish.

And this is my Chihuahua Jackpot. He's named Jackpot because mrs. Bogey got him while I was on a trip to Vegas. There's never been a dog more born to love than Jackpot.


Veneno said...

Very nice..I would hate to leave that view behind....

jl514 said...

Nice ones Duggle. Damnit, you bought through amazon!? Next time use my affiliate box and we'll split the comission! thats like 2% off your purchase!