Wednesday, April 20, 2005

$500 Deposit Bonus

Well, Poker Source Online jumped the MayDay gun and opened the Noble Poker deal today.

100% Match Bonus up to $500.

You put in $500, you get $500 in bonus money to work off $10 at a time. You have 60 days (TWO MONTHS!) to work off this bonus. You get $10 for every 125 crowns you earn. For every raked hand at $.25/$.50 you get one crown. For $.50/$1.00 you get two crowns, for $1/$2 and up you get three crowns. So that's 2084 hands to make $500.

There are conflicting reports but it looks like any hand you receive cards in that gets raked counts as a raked hand. Some are saying that you have to contribute to the pot, but one person I trust who has started this already is saying that he is getting crowns for every hand, if he contributes to the rake or not.

To do this deal you have to be a member at Poker Source Online and go through their process to sign up at Noble Poker. DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO NOBLE and try to get this bonus. Their standard bonus is $300 for $300. If you go through Poker Source Online please use the links on this page or put "dugglebogey" in as your referral. When I get paid for your referral I will paypal you half of what I get if you let me know in comments.

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