Thursday, April 14, 2005's not just for drinking

Maudie tells me that Central Oklahoma finally has an operating Poker Room at the Thuderbird Wild Wild West Casino. That's a mouthful, and every time you type it, Microsoft Word hates you for using a repeated word. I'll have to talk to Richard Brodie about it. Anyway, Maudie wants to go on Friday but I am headed to Kansas City so I'll try to put her off by a week.

I went to Thunderbird once in June of 2003. I just got my job in OKC and was living in Corporate Housing and wanted to check out the local "action." Or lack thereof. All they had at the time was slot machines, bingo and OTB. I did win $100 in a slot machine in the 10 minutes I was there, but never expected to go back. They had blackjack tables set up, but there were signs on them that said they were shut down by some state organization and that I should write my congressman about it.

Now their web page says they are offering both BJ and Poker. Hold Em, Stud and Omaha. But that's it for the details on the web site. No idea on what limits they spread, what the rake structure is like or anything. It does say they take a $.50 commission from every $50 bet in Blackjack, so I fear for the rake structure. You never know though, they might be okay. There's a phone number to call for details, so I may call today and get the 411. [/ebonics]


I found out yesterday if I can get myself to Vegas on June 22nd, I can get half my entry into the $1,500 NLHE event in the WSOP paid for. So I can play for $750. Not a bad deal. I was planning on being in Vegas from June 16-20, so I would have to alter those plans to make it. Maybe if I crank up the serious sit n goes on Party Poker, I can afford it.

Speaking of Sit N Goes...

I played in the oddest sit n go yesterday on Party. I didn't play a hand outside the blinds for the first 4 rounds. That's pretty much 40 straight folds. But when I shifted gears and started going all-in with any face card, my opponents had no idea what to do. Usually they folded to the unexpected aggression, because I was not low enough for desperation and picked opponents that my stack could still hurt.

I think this is the ideal way to play sit n goes, especially if you are cold decked for the whole thing. The maniacs who call anything have been long since knocked out, and the players left might have an idea about fold equity.

I took second when the chip leader had a 500 chip lead on me and my KK got cracked by his AT. Had the kings held up I would have had a 7500 to 500 chip adavantage, having seen less than 4 showdowns in the entire game.

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