Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Things are completely insane at work as we are upgrading servers and trying to get our old ass applications to upgrade to the newest and lamest versions. It sucks ass and it is taking all my time at work, which is when I usually blog. Sucks for me, sucks for you.

The Kansas City trip was great as usual. I lost at everything except poker, which begs the question, why play anything except poker? Not so for King Lucky, who WON at everything except poker and Wild Aruba Stud. I frigging hate that Wild Aruba Stud game. The goddamn dealer never qualifies when you have a decent hand. KL hit it big on a slot machine and turned it into a mountain at craps. Then he put the snowcap on the mountain at video poker. If there is such a thing as a video poker shark. He's the guy. Way to turn $.50 into nearly $2000.

There are some HUGE things happening over at Poker Source Online in May. A bunch of new promotions, including the possiblity of a 100% match up to $500 at a new site. Check there or back here on Mayday for more details.

Felicia IM'd me last night to tell me she's still alive. Unfortunately I wasn't online to catch her, but it's good to see she is actually in good enough spirits to risk another conversation with me. That HAS to be a good sign!