Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Whoring Bodog

I decided to start a Poker Source Online promotion at Bodog Poker last night. It's a pretty good deal. Deposit a minimum of $50, get a 20% deposit bonus and earn 150 Bodog Points and you get $60 worth of credit in PSO points, good for chipsets, books, DVDs, poker tables or gift cards. The only catch in this deal is that you have to contribute to the pot to get a Bodog Point, and how much the pot is raked determines how much of a point you get.

I started out playing 6 max $1/$2 Limit Hold Em. I was killing that table and was up about 12 BBs when the table broke up. The only other table going was a full ring, so I jumped in there and proceded to lose my profit and another 11 BBs. I just could not hit any of my draws, and I was probably playing looser than normal because of the bonus requirements. It also could have been the semi-aggressiveness from the 6 max game putting me on a bit of tilt. At the same time I played three $10+1 SNGs. I took third in two of them for a $7 profit, plus 6 Bodog Points for each one. Both third place finishes were horrendous beats. My A9 lost to K9 and my 88 lost to A8 when he caught the wheel on the river. The other was a 4th place finish. Then I went to 5 card stud. Bad idea. I dropped $15 and only earned about 5 points before running for my life. I made a few bucks back playing Omaha Hi/Lo with some absolute donkeys. The tendency for Omaha HL players to see a flop with any four cards really helps when you need the pot to get raked at least a dollar.

I made 100+ points in one evening, which isn't too bad. I deposited $400 so I got a deposit bonus of $80 so I am still ahead, once I collet 240 Bodog Points. The $10 SNGs are very juicy, and I enjoyed them the most of any game I played there. I could pull a Poker Nerd and play 3 at a time SNGs until I get enough points, but I only need 9 SNGs to finish the promo, but 24 to finish the bonus. Maybe a combination of SNGs and Omaha HL will do the trick.

The PSO points should give me enough for an Ipod Mini, which I want to use while playing at the T-Bird. I think I'm going to go with a Rio Carbon via Amazon Gift Card instead though. I just hate how "hip" the Ipods are.

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