Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random hammer victims

This was randomly posted at the PSO forums, and I had to laugh.

Hey, to everyone who's sick from a bad beat...remember that in Hold 'Em, ANY TWO CARDS CAN WIN!!!!!!!! AA isn't worth the cards they're printed on if the board comes 7772 and someone cold-called your raises with 72o. Get used to it, get over it, and move on.

Gotta love it.

Who did it? Fess up!

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alan said...

I did something like it last night. Playing the $100NL at Party, I got the hammer in the small blind. It folded to me, I made it $3. The big blind made it $5 total, and I called.

Flopped 672, got all in against his JJ, and put him on tilt for the rest of the night. He dumped a lot more money after that, but unfortunately, most of it not to me.