Monday, April 11, 2005

Fuck Me Running

I arrived at work today to a fucking disaster. My company has finally blocked access to PokerSourceOnline and their forum through the firewall.

If anyone out there knows any way to penetrate a corporate firewall, I'm all ears. I'm a geek, but not that much of a geek. I haven't started searching the net yet...I guess it depends on how desperate I get.

Update: I can read the forums through a web proxy, but I can't post. I will try to set up an HTTP host from my home computer tonight and try to use it tomorrow. Isn't the Internet wonderful for education on illegal information?

The worst part about learning as a poker player is that you know how you screwed up. I played in an Absolute tournament yesterday and while I'm not good enough to keep from making mistakes, I'm good enough to realize after that fact what a huge blunder I made. I guess it's part of the process, but I really beat myself up about it. It's way too easy to say "I know this is the wrong move, but I am going to do it anyway, because these guys are such idiots I can get away with it."

Yesterday's Absolute tournament was a joke. I am going to save the hand history, because I swear to God every STUPID NEWBIE mistake was made at my table. I could write a book called "The Top 100 STUPID Mistakes new poker players make" based on the play of a couple of complete idiots at the table. One of them named "Mouser" pissed away his chips with one HUGE mistake after the other. The other made almost the same mistakes but built up a huge stack with suckouts and poor play by his opponents.

Here's an example: I make the nut flush on the turn in the BB and slow play to the river. The pot is already HUGE and I'm pretty confident the better who has been throwing T250 into the pot on every street is going to continue his dumb bets on the river so I check. But he CHECKS! But I get lucky and this aformentioned "Mouser" is in position and min bets...T20 into a pot over T1000, and reopens the betting for me. This is such a monstrously dumb move. Is it a bluff? T20 into a pot of a thousand won't even bluff jack high out of the hand. Did he really have a hand? If so it had to be worth more than T20, didn't it? I cannot even fathom what motivated this bet, other than sheer stupidity.

The cover of the movie "The Sting" (Best Picture, 1973)has a picture of Paul Newman lighting a cigar with paper money. I'd say Paul got more value for his money than this guy.


Maudie said...

I'd have to say that the one single move an opponent can do to have me scratching my head and saying "WTF" is betting a pittance into a huge pot - I see it time and time again in SnGs, lol - and I will think to myself - "thank-you for giving me the pot-odds to call and make my hand!"

Heafy said...

On rare occasions this works though, if playing against stupid players who click the pre-action "fold to any bet" button. The only thing more stupid than betting T20 into a T1000 pot is folding to it.