Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two on One

I played another Sit N Go at Absolute Poker yesterday. These things seem almost foolproof. I haven't finished worse than fourth, EVER. Yesterday's was an adventure, however.

I did my standard fold fold fold after just stealing the blinds and a limp when I raised with QQ pre-flop. The routine idiots busted out early, and we stayed at six players for a long long time. Eventually I got down but doubled back to the starting amount, and eventually we were down to three. I hadn't been paying a lot of attention, so I didn't realize until I got the hand history that these two players never once played against each other. Even when they were both blinds, the blinds would be folded. So it was actually the two of them against me. One was a very small stack, but since he never had to pay his big blind and always got the small blind from the big stack, he was never in any jeopardy.

I finally got all in with my AT vs the small stack's A3, who had overtaken me without winning a single showdown. I got a Ten on the turn, but Four hearts came and he had the Ace of hearts so I was gone. Then the small stack went all in with garbage cards and the big stack called with slightly better garbage and the game was over. One hand after playing as tight as humanly possible.

On Absolute they don't kick you out of the room when the tourney is over, you can sit down again and join the next tourney starting at the same table. Both of them sat right down again. I asked them if they knew each other, and they didn't respond. When I said "I'm submitting this history to be reviewed for collusion," they both disappeared. They didn't go to another tourney either, I did a search for them. I wonder if Absolute support will do anything with the hand history I sent them?


StudioGlyphic said...

Sounds suspicious.

TenMile said...

have the two change their screen names is the normal action.