Friday, April 15, 2005


I see that part of Iggy's uber post of the day is about taxes and I want to be sure he doesn't think I'm talking about his post here. He actually gives one of the reasons for NOT evading what taxes you can, the fact that you might get anally raped in an audit.

No, I'm referring to the self-righteous 2+2ers out there, one of which he quoted in his blog who is the perfect example

People properly avoiding taxes and using a place like Antigua to do it usually deal in the millions of dollars and have better structures set up than this. Even if they're caught, they have plenty of legal outs. You have none, no excuse except greediness.

Wanting to keep the money you earned is "greedy?"

The GOVERNMENT are the greedy motherfuckers here. It's not like they are going to use the money for anything USEFUL. They are going to piss it away on some shit pork barrel project that is really just a kickback to someone in their district or fucking FAMILY.

Paying your taxes doesn't make you a GOOD PERSON. It makes you a FUCKING SAP. If you have a surefire way of avoiding them, you're a DUMBASS if you don't. I wish I did.

P.S. Martha Stewart got FUCKED. And she will come out smelling like a rose anyway.

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