Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Not much action yesterday. I was playing $1/$2 at Absolute yesterday, which was totally retarded because I'm not working on a bonus there, and anyone playing at Absolute that isn't working on a bonus is a CHUMP.

But, I was waiting for someone to IM me back, which he didn't do until a couple of hours after I left.....quite frustrating.

I was getting destroyed on the river with every big pair I held. Some idiot would bluff the whole way with ace high and catch the wheel on fifth street. It was very ugly. What sucks about limit poker is it is hard to make up for a lot of losses in one hand...unless...

That's right, about 7 people came along with my Jack-Nine of diamonds. The flop held a Queen of diamonds and the Eight of diamonds. Turn was the nine of hearts and I was betting out, hoping one of my zillion outs would come. The beautiful blue TEN came on the river (four-color deck is an addiction) and suddenly I was ahead for the day. I guess someone had a suited ace of diamonds because they took me to the cap, and another person came along for the ride. A 28 BB pot.

I requested the history from Absolute, but it never came. I wish I had gotten a screenshot. I haven't had a straight flush get paid off outside of Omaha in a LONG ass time.

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