Thursday, February 09, 2006


I arrived home with a large checklist of things to do after work last night.

Item #1

save BGs colon

I transferred $20 into BG's account at Full Tilt Poker. If you have money in Full Tilt, ESPECIALLY if you have a Full Tilt Ad on your site, PLEASE consider transferring $20 to the account GamblingBlues to help with BG's surgery bill. I wouldn't wish a perforated colon on anybody. If you've read his blog, or got your blog promoted on OddJack, you basically OWE him.

Item #2

Get Yahoo IM set up. Getting set up was the easy part, except for picking out the music. I had no idea there'd be that kind of pressure there. Connecting to someone was the tough part. Fortunately TripJax gave me his ID and he fixed me up with a dozen or so other bloggers, including Veneno who helped me get my crappy headset working. Thanks guys.

Item #3

Constantly check Drizz's Blog out to see if he got the new banner up and working. Check it out, it's pretty cool. But is it too big? My screen resolution is so large at work that everything looks small, but when I looked at it at home with a smaller screen rez, things looked pretty large. Opinions would be appreciated.

Item #4

Claim my $10 Free at Absolute Poker and at least double it. All they had going for O8 was $.10, but that worked fine and I doubled up after about 45 minutes. My favorite thing to do is cold call raises pre-flop, then check-pot it when the flop comes with two highs. They either fold in disgust or call with nothing. I won one hand when the flop came 9TJ and I had JQK2. He had potted it pre-flop with A345, then called my re-raise when the flop had three highs. You don't often see guys drawing dead in Omaha8.

Item #5

Finish my taxes. Uhh...that will have to get done tonight or this weekend.


doubleas said...

Logo looks awesome, but on my screen it looks a bit too tall.

TripJax said...

Glad to help. Once you get settled in there, you should give the Yahoo radio a try. You can create your own station and after a while it starts to play songs based on your likes/dislikes. It plays a 30 second commercial about every 5th song, but that is bearable.

Logo looks good.

Drizztdj said...

Me likey logo. Thanks again man.

And I'll be invading those low limit O8 Absolute tables by the weekend as well from the free $10.