Thursday, February 02, 2006

Wassup G?

Yes, this post is written by the greatest poker blogger alive with more than two Gs in his name. That's a full 50% more Gs than Iggy, and three times as much as GCox, Mean Gene, SirFWALGMan, Al Can't Hang, Grubby, and StudioGlyphic. If you wanted pimpage today, you should have stepped up to the plate with some Gs in your name.

I got a nice friendly email from Party Poker yesterday that said it has been so long since I played there that I would lose my Party Poker Points if I didn't play there by Feb 6th. How polite of them. So I dropped in to play a round of PLO8 and Surflexus from Dear Poker Diary was sitting at the table. He scooped a nice pot with the wheel. I was impressed by his ability to get called when he potted it on the river and got called by someone with nothing. Gotta love Party Poker. I was tempted to show off once when I bluffed the river with a very weak hand, but it was just the standard PLO8 "call a raise pre-flop and put pressure on when no low comes" type bluff. Or maybe the A2 low was counterfeited. Either way I resisted the temptation to show even though there was another blogger at the table. Hell, I probably had the best hand anyway.

I added a new banner to the site again today, those of you who read on bloglines are now forced to come to the actual site if you want to see it. I know I've changed it quite a few times lately, but it's part of my "Flash over substance" that seems to impress Pauly so much. Someday I will settle on something I really like, but until then, I will keep rotating.

A new competitor has surfaced in the job hunt. My old boss is in Arlington TX and has found himself needing my services, so Lansing Michingan might not be my only option if I want to stay with my current company. There was a HUGE organizational announcment among the company today and there will be repercussions until sometime in June, so things should be shaking loose all over the place.

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