Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ripping off Blaise Pascal

Posted by me today in PSO forums in answer to one of the THOUSANDS of "Online Poker MUST be rigged, because I got a bad beat" threads.

When you have setbacks, you can assume that one of three things happened.

1) You played poorly.
2) You got unlucky.
3) The game was rigged against you.

Idiots assume number 3, bad players assume number 2, and good players assume number 1.

The reason that good players believe number 1 is that even if number 2 is true, it doesn't do them any good. If you always assume that you can improve your game and you constantly try to do it, you will be better off.


Klopzi said...

According to my post today, I guess that means I'm a bad player...

Damn it! Time to hit the books again...

Nice post, btw. Short and sweet.

huma said...

yes but... sometimes the only way I can get to sleep is by telling myself I just got unlucky and there's nothing I can do about it :(