Friday, February 17, 2006

Last Vehicle Produced

It looks like the last vehicle produced in the GM plant that I work in will be finished sometime today. They'll probably drag it out until Monday because that's when the news crews are scheduled to be here, but it will definitely get through the paint shop (my area) today.

This is good news for me, because I don't have to be here on Monday and I can probably stay an extra day in Kansas City and drive back on Monday. It's always a better time when we go during the day on Sunday instead of 1-2am on Saturday night. Mostly because we get more comped food. Since this is probably my last trip to Kansas City for a while, I plan on having a good time.



Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for the shout out, Duggle!

Wolverine Fan said...

Are you a GM Salary employee?? I work for EDS at the Lansing Grand River Plant. If you need any help or information about area let me know and I will impart all of the knowledge I have. I have started a new blog called Poker and Golf so wish me luck.