Monday, February 27, 2006

Live Blogging Michigan

5:00am Alarm goes off
5:50am Leave for Airport
6:30am Arrive at Airport

6:40am Automated check in and through security in ten minutes. Make sure you get to the airport two hours before your flight kids...There are benefits to living in smaller cities. The downside is they were actually selling T-shirts in the airport that said "Nothing tips like a cow" imitating John Deer's slogan. Ugh.

6:45am Breakfast at Sonic. Oklahoma City is Sonic's headquarters...the airport is proud. Also many pictures of famous Oklahomans. Woodie Guthrie, James Garner, Mickey Mantle, Toby Keith, Will Rogers. Oklahoma City is the only place I know of that named its International Airport after a guy who died in an airplane crash.

6:50am Is there a poker boom on? As I sit in the gate typing this, the guy to my left is reading Super System 2, the guy to the right of me is playing some kind of hand-held texas hold em game. My in-laws gave me a handheld texas hold em game for christmas a couple of years ago. Worthless piece of crap.

9:30am Land in Chicago. Why is my connecting flight to Lansing at 1:10 when there's a 11:10 flight? I may be able to get it switched and get to Lansing two hours earlier. Hopefully my luggage will make it.

10:30am Still waiting, but for earlier flight. Brookstone prices their stuff like they'd rather keep it.

1:30pm (Now Eastern Standard Time) Upgrade to a full size car? Sure! Nissan Armada....fricking huge. V8 is nice though. The forecast for Lansing doesn't include a high over 32 degrees for the week. The highs this week in OKC? 80's. Ugh. Temp according to the Armada's thermometer? 25. Brr. Doesn't feel that cold though.

5:00pm Safely in hotel high speed internet is cool. Vince Young's agent denies that he scored a six (out of 50!) on the NFL Wunderlich Intelligence Test. (He actually scored a 16.)

8:30pm In the money in my first Michigan MTT. Cannonball tourney at 244 entries, I'm 9th out of 30 so far...

9:30pm Second break, I'm in 2nd with 11 left. I really like these Cannonballs, it gets the pointless part of the tourney over with quickly, the morons knock each other out, and then the poker can start.

10:00pm Out in 3rd place...2.5 hours for an MTT is pretty good. $5 buy in nets $122.

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