Friday, June 09, 2006

99 Thumbnails

When you pick an Icon in FlickR it shows you thumbnails of your last 99 pictures you've uploaded. It looked pretty cool when it came up so I did a screen cap. Yes the poker comics are boring but they contribute to the overall pattern. Anyway, here's 99 Thumnails from GoBeRude: (Click to go to FlickR to see all my pics.)


I'm really excited about meeting new bloggers tonight at NewCastle Gaming Center in Oklahoma! My flight leaves at 5:30pm central time and lands at 9:30pm after a layover in Dallas.

I can barely wait!

1 comment:

mookie99 said...

Pretty cool picture.

I'm also looking forward to meeting new bloggers as well (Carmen and Don).

Have fun in Okie-Vegas.