Thursday, June 15, 2006

Okie - Fricking - Vegas (Saturday)

last place Last Place was where I finished in the Okie Vegas Tournament, so I'm not even going to talk about that. If you want details, check out TripJax, GaryC, Maudie and SteelerJosh.

I will blog about something much more significant. The fricking FOOD! It was unbelievable.

It started with Barbeque provided by Maudie. I thought the brisket was sliced a little thick, until I tasted it and it basically melted in my mouth. From there we had a couple of beers and played a cash game until the rest of the other tournament players arrived.

When it got close to tournament time, the spread was presented, and I seriously considered skipping the cards and just pulling a chair up to the buffet. First there were these little pinwheel sandwiches filled with cream cheese goodness. Totally irresistable. After that came the sausage balls. Deviled eggs. Smoked sausages. Queso dip. Chex Mix. Relish tray (mmmm...pickled Okra). More Barbeque. Cole Slaw. Potato Salad. Baked Beans. It never ended. It was basically an entire table covered with my guilty pleasures.

I even predicted my result in the tournament when I said "I'm going to bust out as fast as I can just so I can come back in here to eat."

Thanks for everything Gary. You are a fantastic host, although I think your wife deserves most of the credit for the food. Thanks for the Phil Gordon book, it kept me entertained on the plane trip back here.

It was great meeting you TripJax, you strike me as the kind of guy that knows how to have fun at a poker table, or anywhere else.

Sorry about your flight troubles Josh but it was good seeing you at the airport on Monday at 5:30am. At least I wasn't the only Okie Vegas member who was miserable that morning. Good luck with your move, I know what you're going through. It feels like the Michigan bullet I dodged hit you instead.

Great to see you again Maudie. We seem to have a monthly travelling home game. And it continues next month in Vegas!

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TripJax said...

I've been known to have a good time from time to time. Could that last sentence have the word time in it anymore?

Good times Duggle. Damnit I wrote time again.

And yeah that food was right on time. Especially the sausage balls. Time to roll...